Is the universe just a great cycle or revolves in a circular motion?

I have noticed that many things revolve around the “cycle type”.

• Cycle for all living things, birth, growth, death.
• Circular motion of galaxies
• Circular motion of planets around stars
• Circular motion of electrons around atoms.

So my question is: Considering these similarities could we conclude that the universe is just a giant cycle and turns in a giant circular motion? That the universe was born, is growing and will die like all living things of the great cycle of life? Or even that our universe is just one of many that revolves around something beyond human understanding (similarly to electrons around atoms?
Asked Aug 14, 2013
There are also fundamental components in the makeup of the universe that aren't circular or cyclical. Light and electromagnetic energy travel in a perfectly straight line away from their sources for example. I don't think there is enough evidence of your theory to form a conclusion of what the Universe really is. A cycle not only needs direction, time is an equally important factor and in terms of the Universe we have so little understanding of time. As difficult as it is for us humans to admit, our knowledge of what lies beyond our tiny area of the Universe is very limited; almost nil.
Answered Aug 14, 2013

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