Does too much gaming cause slowmotion sympton and doing that my tounge feels bigger?

the headline speaks for itself, when I game too much, I get (in the speed of the game) slowmotion something, my tounge feels bigger and I get more sensitive to litterly anything. everything gets slower, even tv programs I walk slower or at least it feels slower. it lasts for like 5-30 minutes, depending on how long I play or if im going away from the keyboard. do anyone know if this is dangerous?
Asked Aug 13, 2013
Well. My guess is no, Cause from what I'm hearing, you really get into gaming.
My explanation: It's probably just Adrenaline.
My Proof: A: When you get an adrenaline rush, everything feels slower, because your body and brain is working faster.
B: The tingling feeling is another part of adrenaline making your nervous system more active.
C: The tounge feeling? I would look into that, If it just FEELS that way, then its probably just another weird feeling, but if its ACTUALLY getting bigger, then you should probably seek help. cause if that's the case, The Adrenline might be triggering something.

Hope this helps ^.^
Answered Jun 17, 2016

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