Am I in the friend zone

Alright I met this girl at school and she's new. Last week she invited me to Knotts but I couldn't go. At that moment she asked for my number and now we text everyday. And sometimes I tell her "your cool I like you" nonchalantly and all she says is thanks. I really like this girl and when we hang she's just cool and chill and funny and stuff... But I think I'm going into the friend zone... Exactly what I don't want.
Asked Aug 13, 2013
Edited Aug 13, 2013
Saying "You're cool I like you" obviously isn't going to give her the impression you want. You need to arrange a time to hang out, and see where it goes after a few hangouts. If you still like her and she hasnt made a move, say something alot more obvious like:

"I think I might have feelings for you. I really like you, and I want to be more than a friend to you."

I'm a girl, and if a guy said: "You're cool, I like you." I would think he wanted to be friends. You should be more obvious about it and see what she says. Then she can't confuse your feelings so you have a chance of staying out of the friend zone. :)
Answered Aug 13, 2013

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