Does it sound like she likes me?

so I am my teachers favourite student. we have a very close relationship. over time, the bond has grown stronger and I am wondering if she might have some sort of crush on me ( Note I am a girl). she is not married and she does not have children. She is a bit older.
she gets jealous because she knows I like this other teacher as well as her.
she was once helping me with some work in the classroom on my own and she was sitting at the desk in front of me. she handed me a form to fill in but instead of just handing it to me, she got up walked around and placed it on my desk and leant over me while I filled it in she leant her one arm on the back of my chair and the other on my desk and I could feel her breast on my shoulder.
another time, I was in the common room, there was plenty of space around us and she was thanking me for a birthday present I bought her and she brushed her breasts up against me.
she has often offered to share things like a bottle of water with me
once when we were on a school trip, we had coffee in a restaurant and she was telling me about how there was a lecturer that used to teacher her that was mesmerised by a girls' hair who he taught and that he married her in the end. she has often complemented me on my hair
another time when we sitting having a drink, he accidentally knocked her foot against my knee under the table
does it sound like she likes me?
Asked Aug 11, 2013
Well it depends how old u r and how old she is. It is very unprofessional though
Answered Aug 11, 2013

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