How to Find good plastic Surgeon in Diff country, affordable low price?

How do I find a doctor in Mexico do to my surgeries? Whats a good site to look on? I want to get my ribs removed, ears done some parts cut off, hair implants I'm not bald but I wouldn't mind having a smaller forehead if possible is that possible? to implant hair in a area that didn't have hair to begin with, my own fat injected into my lips to make them bigger, and a nose job make it smaller & thinner, also some fat lipo in diff areas of my body sucked out. What are these surgeries, professionally called, and how can I find a pro doctor in Mexico who will do these things. Trying to find a professional not sure where to look. I know I want to go to Mexico to do it tho, cause I can't afford it in America. Or what other less expensive country is there to go to? What country offers all these surgeries at the lowest price? I live in Hollywood Cali. Couldn't do it here. Not that rich. I would think it would be hard to find a doc would does all those surgeries, tho I have seen some that do a lot of diff ones. Help please. I would like to only go to one doc for these surgeries
Asked Aug 10, 2013
Here you can find good plastic surgeon at affordable price.,Cosmetic/Plastic-Surgery/
Answered Aug 11, 2013
The secret of a beautiful body depends on a regular diet and exercise. However, it is not possible all the time to change the parts of your body Because price. Here you got good plastic surgeon at affordable price.
Answered Sep 18, 2014
If you want to know more about good plastic surgeon in Mexico. Here you can find Dr. Jorge Galvan MD good guide for plastic Surgeon. Try to check it out: Last year my friend did Breast Augmentation surgery at Cima Plastic Surgery Center.
Answered Nov 30, 2014
here you can find best plastic surgen at affordable price
Answered Nov 23, 2016
Hi you can get the name of many famous plastic surgeons by searching in Google. I am a science student and I am very interested to know more and more about human body. Recently while visiting India I came to know about Dr Viswa Prakash who is a very famous with 22yr of surgical experience. He is also doing revirgination surgery for women. I am really very impressed by him.

Answered Dec 01, 2016
If you want to know more about a good plastic surgeon. Here you can find Dr. Valaie, MD good guide for plastic Surgeon. Try to check it out: Last year my friend did Breast Augmentation surgery at Newport Beach, Orange County.
Answered Dec 10, 2018

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