I'm angry at my wife for going overseas, am I justified?

My wife's father recently died and she inherited an apartment in Hungry, now she plans to go to Hungry to sell it which may take 2 months or more. I will be here in Australian looking after our 7 year son, the house duties, school pick up and drop off, after school activities etc while running my own business which is more than a full time job. I'm really angry at her to the point where I see it as a relationship changer. Its not necessary for her to go she just made up her mind to go because she "wants to" - whats more she did not discuss it with me before making the decision. Her share of the apartment is worth $20,000 minus $5,000 for flights and expenses minus her lost income for 2 months, I esimate after taxes she will get $6,000 !!! This is not what I expect of a marriage, decisions should be made together. I have not said much to her yet as I understand grief may play a role in her thinking, and I am taking it day by day as it maybe several months before she plans to go. But I am really angry at her, am I justified?
Asked Aug 10, 2013

In my opinion yes your justified in your discontent/anger towards this selfish one sided decision by your wife. I also think after some time she will hopefully rationalize what she's doing and figure out another way to sell the apartment.
Answered Aug 10, 2013
Edited Aug 10, 2013

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