Why does my chinchilla bite his cage so much?

My chinchilla is 5 years old and I just got him about 2 weeks ago. He bites the bars on his cage and pulls back, shaking the whole cage. A lot. And he digs at the base like he's trying to dig under and escape. He's in the same cage that he lived in with the last owner with some added items that he seems to really enjoy, but I feel like he's really stressed out and I don't know how to help him... Any suggestions? Is he unhappy with his new home?
Asked Aug 07, 2013
Sounds like he's trying to get out. If it's possible, have the previous owner look at what's going on and try to find out what's different where he is now from before. It may be something simple like he likes classical music and you're playing hard rock. :-)
Answered Aug 07, 2013
Do you let him out in a bigger area or keep him in the same cage all the time?
Answered Mar 24, 2014
Try to maybe let it out in a bigger cage
rcr12 Mar 24, 2014

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