Help me I'm 12 years old and was raped by my 14 year old boyfriend

Rite so I'm 12 years old and was raped
I will tell u what happed
I made this friends wen I was walking my dogs and well I make like 20 friends one is now my BFF but the first time I was ask out by one of them I said yes ( I'm not allowed to be friends with boy I'm not Evan allowed to look at boys or talk to them so I'm not allowed a boyfriend) I told them that rite so I was having a sleep over at my BFF house and our boyfriends came to (my mum didn't know) we were watching a movie in her mums room wen they left and yea
Like ten mints later he start kissing me and try to take my pants off
Wen I got up and walk to the other end of the bed he went to the toilet and got naked he came in and sat next to me and start to kiss me again. I tryed to walk away but he put he's legs on top of my and I couldn't move my legs then he took my pants off and my top off (did I say that it was only us home for the night?)
and raped me I said like 10000 of time to stop but he just hit me and he cover up my mouth so the other two don't here me it went on for what felt like forever but it ended then I went into the other twos room so he couldn't do it again then I said to him that I'm bumping him he then ask if we can talk just us two then left and I try to follow but he pulled me back and that I can't or he said that he will tel them I said go on then and he did and he got thrown out of the house
that monning was the last time I saw them (this happend 3 moths ago) I've always been upset I'm being bullied rite now and have relly bad relashansips (soz can't spell it) with my family and friends I haven't seen my dad sins I was 3 moths old and most teens want to end there live just because of one of them I live in a two bed room house with over 9 people + every night I have like 5 jods because we haven't got any money for food you think your life I hard u don't know the manning of it I want to kill myself and I cut myself all the time .what do u think Is my life hard if not what is? Soz I so long bye
Asked Aug 06, 2013
That's not funny
I would treat u like I treat all my gf's .... Like a princess if ur my gf u would never feel alone ...I can't spell either I still spell on a 2nd grade lvl and I know how u feel ... I was melested before .
Thats not funny at all- I feel so sorry for you :(
I am sorry I cant help you. I would have said just sue him you have proof. But if it was 3 months ago then al evidence is gone. Im sorry I couldnt help you. But you are strong. You have survived being raped and you are working multiple jobs to support your family. You are very strong and this wont break you. Remember that.
Guys...what if this person really is telling the truth and looking for honest advice? That's really rude of you to answer like this to someone who was raped. "You're overreacting"? Really? Even if it weren't true we have no way of proving whether it was. As for spelling skills, that doesn't have to do with whether the story is believable and it's honestly bullying to make fun of that. That's an awful thing to say; even if it weren't true and this person was making it up for some reason, /we don't know that/ and s/he could seriously need help, especially if she's considering suicide.

Onto my answer. Since it happened 3 months ago there's probably not much evidence left in/on your body. You don't have good relationships with your family? Would your mom help or is that relationship bad? About the bullying, I'm sure some of the teachers, and, if not, the principal, would care if you told them what's going on. I'm sorry I can't give good advice, but I'm trying.

I'm really sorry this has happened to you. Do you have anyone you can tell?

Rape/Sexual assault help:
National (USA) hotline:
Online support:

Self-harm/suicide help:
National (USA) Suicide Prevention Hotline: 1-800-273-8255

If anyone else has any advice, links, phone numbers, etc. that would be great; I don't know much about this but I'll try to help.

I wish you best of luck, with this and in life. <3
Answered Aug 28, 2013
That's a great answer!!!
Amen, brother.
I for one think your overreacting. I'm 12 years old, and a girl too. I understand that you got raped. And that sucks, but you really shouldn't have even been alone with your 'boyfriend'. And at our age its kind of odd that a 14 year old boy would even want to date us. Haha. Anywho, at my school and in my group of friends 'dating' is really just talking and hanging out. Like holding hands is third base. I think that the whole "I'm not even supposed to be looking at boys" is just you overreacting for attention, trust me I have moments when I do it too. If you have jobs then that's child labor and illegal. I think your making most of this up for attention because your lonely or something. Cutting yourself is stupid and unhealthy, you should stop. Also, if you have no money then how do you have a computer? And if you have 5 jobs then how do you get the time to go on your computer and write out your almost certainly fake sob story? Trust me, my life can suck at times too, and I have made up certain things when I just wanted comfort. But this is taking it a little too far. If all of this shit is true, you need to get a hold of child services, a therapist and throw away all sharp objects... Maybe even contact the police. (And its a bit odd that you can't spell relationships, or right or since..or months.....) You shouldn't be online like "YOU THINK YOUR LIFE IS HARD! WELL LISTEN TO THIS MADE UP SOB STORY!" Its a crappy thing to do.
Answered Aug 07, 2013
Thank you so much for your advice by the way I appreciate it so much
I'm sorry, I'm 12 too, but seriously. That's a really rude thing to say, and if you have nothing better to do with your spare time that call people out on "crap" with no real reason (these kinds if things happen every day) then that's sad. I've noticed a lot of thins like this, so I go to these websites to try to help. The info has already been covered. There are often things that we can't understand without her going on and on, so get over yourself. Gosh. So sorry if that sounds rude, but wake up call. Bad things happen, and just because you're skeptical, doesn't mean that you need to be all rude. I don't know if its all true, but we should at lest listen, and try to help just in case it is.
Remembrance, if I could "thumbs-up" your comment I would. /Thank you/. I'm glad to see I'm not the only one taking this seriously. By the way, you're very well-spoken for a 12-year-old! (lol I'm only 13 but whatever)
How is she overreacting? She's talking about RAPE here, not some 'sob story'.
DYK that rape is illegal???
nowhere Nov 15, 2013
Answered Aug 08, 2013
lol lol
i feel bad for you I would want to die to if that hapend to me :/
Answered Sep 25, 2013
Don't cut yourself cuz I have been there I have cut myself and it will lead to soo many problems you just feel like its ur fault and I have been cyber bullied and in outside, they torture me in the bus. Don't do it, it get better if you keep yourself healthy and strategies to make yourself forget about worrying stuffs. Listen .. Distance yourself away from the people who you care for/cares for you and see if they notice. If they don't you know where you'll stand. Promise you will be a much happier person. MOVE ON! You can do it and don't give up. You can always talk o child line everyday or talk at lunchtimes in school if your lonely.. They can be your friends! Your so not alone and I realized that too. Imagine your life happy. <3 I love you as God's creation. Love one another.
Answered Oct 05, 2013
That is awesome advoce
This young girl needs to speak to a school counselor or school psychologist and explain what happened and also what's going on at home and the bullying problems. Also, 12 year old aren't allowed to legally work. I mean maybe babysitting a neighbors kids or jobs like that but you can't be hired on payroll.

You seem to be very depressed and need to talk everything out with a counselor or psychologist and they will point you in the right direction and help you with all your problems. You need one on one talk therapy and they can help.

If you were raped they can help with that, also family problems, the bullying problems and the families lack of money. You would be surprised how much help is out there but you need to be strong and vent your feelings that way. So it's up to you to make that first step. Or should I say second step....your first step was telling us, now you have to make that second step and talk to the school counselors and psychologists because they will help you with everything. So please do that. You are stronger than you think. No one has power over you and your life. You help yourself and that shows courage which you have so be strong and get the help you need. XOXO
Answered Oct 13, 2013
omg im so sorry!!!! :( im 12 but, iv never been raped... if you have any really close friends, id talk to them... oh, and about spelling, im not to good with spelling eathier... soooo like I was saying, I would go to the police, child abouse hotline, or just like a rape number or somthing like that. But, all the people that called her selfish, stupid, or anyother rude comments(like one I read and made my jaw drop down to the floor) YOU ARE THE REAL RUDE, SELFISH, AND PLAIN MEEN; SHE MIGHT NOT HAVE JUST GOT ONTO A COMPUTER AND WROTE A "FAKE" STORY ABUT HER BEING RAPED, SO THINK ABOUT REAL THINGS!!!!!!!! what if YOU got raped, put it on here, and someone says that that is fake and your lieing about being raped.... how would YOU feel...
so, think about other things before everything you say turns on you than a dolphin on a tire swing in a pond. so remember all dis' about saying things after thinking. so... hope this helps some... I guess... ;)
Answered Dec 15, 2013
I am really sorry for you! ): This makes me want to cry. (might just be PMS) He should not have done that. But's been three months? You should have told your mom right away. Like that night. She might have been mad at you, but she would realize that it was him, not you and help you through it. First, she could have helped you with birth control if you have had your period yet. And taken you to the doctors for STD tests.
Also, I don't even know you, and I'm two years older than you, and I'm a lesbian, so I don't know about these boy troubles, and I don't want you to die. You seem like a good person and I am sorry that this happened to you. Also, if your friends ever reject you for being raped, they are not good friends. Follow the links that KLA1NBOWPOW3R suggested.

Stay strong and find some good friends! Have fun with your life and try not to make the weight of this so heavy! Remember that there are people who care about you and love you. If you die, you affect those people. Someone who you don't even know exists loves you. My mom's friend in high school killed herself. They weren't even close friends and she was so devastated. She was so sad she almost killed herself too. Don't do it. Stay strong and just start a new path. You will find it will do you some good.

I hope this helped. And look at my username. "I love you so much"...that is meant for everyone. Remember that I care about you too. (:

Go out into the world and SMILE because you deserve to be.
Answered Dec 30, 2013
Of you got raped, wait wow you shouldn't be stressed or sad about it, happens all most everyday if it was that bad you really need to tell somebody not just a friend your mum or some one. Yes, yes! I know your mum will get really angry but would you rather live in fear? Or be protected by somebody who really cares about you? That boy didn't have the right to do that to you and you did the right thing to tell him to stop but sometimes boys sorry let me rephrase that all the time boys won't take stop or no for an answer cx I hope you r doin ok as for the bullying be yourself and if people still don't like you then there just missing out,
Ps stranger danger

Hope this helped xoxo
Answered Jan 20, 2014
You need to report this if its rape but I cant really judge you because ive been in situations like this with boys and I feel like I cant say no and I think im in love with a guy who is 20 years old and I think he loves me too so if it is love it is if he only wanted you for sex then he is fucked up and report him for sexual assult hope this helped kinda or atleast helped you know your not the only one plus sorry bout spelling
Answered Feb 23, 2014
Judgeing by all the people answering this shows there is always good in the world
Answered Jun 26, 2014
I got molested at age 6 by my moms boyfriend. I know how you feel. I'm 19 and I almost got raped by a coworker at 17 when I worked at pizza hut. All I can tell you sweetie us to talk to someone you trust. And I don't know if you believe in God but if you do pray. Everything is going to be okay. I promise God has a plan for you. He gives the toughest things to his strongest soldiers. I know you don't know me but if you need Antone to talk to I'm here I will give you my email address you can email me anytime. Its [email protected] you email me anytime.
Answered Jul 28, 2014
Boyfriends rape? New to me
Answered Jul 29, 2014
I think you. Should tell your mom everything what happened because it seems like you've been effected. Feel sorry for you.....
Hey I'm 12 too.... but if you've really been raped you should talk to someone you know very well and trust. I suggest a parent/counselor. But if you're considering suicide DO NOT do it!!!!!!!!!! Don't cut yourself either!!!! Focus on the good things in life. Soo... focus on the good instead of the bad try being happier everywhere you go. I did this and it helped a TON!!!!1
Answered Sep 08, 2014
Answered Jun 20, 2017
hi if this is actually real you should probably tell everything to your parents because believe me if you are still hiding this from them then you will not have a choice, your mom could probably help you with that im 17 years old and I know that from experience, once a kid (boy) (he was 23) (i was 10) was trying to make me suck his "private" and he made me do it. my parents didnt let me hang out with older people to. I told them and he got reported and now im ok. my parents were kinda mad at me but they where happy in the end because they knew that I know that they would never let me hang out with older kids and I still told them about it and in the end I was ok. People who are reading this. GIVE THIS GIRL PRAYERS!!!
Answered Aug 29, 2021
No offence but if you were twelve you would learn to spell, I'm only 11 (twelve soon) and I know how to spell? Its called "learn to spell and be good in school" you're only twelve you shouldn't have a 14 year old boyfriend and you even said your not supposed to have boy friends so that should of been a red flag, I could understand if you had a boyfriend that was 13 or your age and why would you go into a bedroom alone, just the 2 of you? That's a really dumb move. If he tried to pull your pants down why didn't you flee out of the room? It seems like you just stood there asking for it..
You shouldn't even have boys over if your parents said no, especially because they weren't home you did this to yourself, so don't go on here and spaz about it and expect people to feel sorry, it's not the right thing to do..
P.S if you wanna make up all this b-llshit up, make it at least sound realistic..
Answered Nov 09, 2021
I pray you have an older bro or bro figure like I do in my sisters bf. That would be that boys last unless reattaching his penis was possible and it work somehow. God I would be terrified and murderously pissed if that happened. It hurts enough consenting and taking it slow and considerate
Answered Dec 05, 2021

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