Roller coasters.

Okay so I'm not scared of roller coasters they're fun and all but I hate the drops like the really steep dips. When I go down them I get a weird feeling in my chest and it hurts. Is that normal? I looked it up and someone said it doesn't happen if you scream your head off and keep your eyes open. Idk. I'm too scared to go on most roller coasters because of the dips. If its because I don't scream why is that?
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Asked Aug 06, 2013
The weird feeling in your chest is probably from the changing gravity force (G force) like a fast dive or doing barrel rolls in an aircraft. It makes your internal organs move around and creates feelings you aren't accustomed to.

People scream when they are frightened in most any way. It's a fast way to relieve emotional stress. My guess is that the scream affects how your mind processes the fear. It may also be that exhaling to do the scream deflates your lungs, making more room for your internal organs to move, therefore lessening the pressure. Don't take that supposition as fact, I have no real evidence to back it up. :-)
Answered Aug 06, 2013
Raise your arms as high as you can and keep them there during the drops.
Answered Nov 09, 2013

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