How can I know when my guy friend likes me when he plays it cool?

I have been liking my guy friend for about a year now and he is not the best looking guy but with him I feel different I feel like I dont care how he looks just how he makes me feel. and my friends say they think he likes me and we also play around a bit and I would like to know if he does like me!!!!is there a way to know or to get him to tell me cause he have a great friendship and if I tell him I like him I think that would ruin our friendship or just make everything awkward between us and I dont want that to happen heeellpppp!!!!!!and guys plz tell me what you would do if u were interested in a girl!!!!
Asked Aug 04, 2013
I like this gurl as well, cant seem to talk to her for some reason. Just talk to him its not about looks remember if he makes u happy and well then GO FOR IT!
Answered Aug 11, 2013

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