Wearing womens leggings in public am a man?

Hi I am a 26 year old guy who loves wearing tight womens leggings, spandex etc.. And tight thongs and panties too, love going out in public with really tight see through leggings so guys can stare at my bum. Lately in the morning my boyfriend loves to masturbate over my bum while am wearing my tight black leggings and allowing me to go out in public covered, it makes me feel very horny knowing its attracting attention what would you think if you seem me, guys and girls?
Asked Aug 04, 2013
My first reaction would be to check the calendar to see if it was Halloween. :-)

You are not "covered" when wearing something that is "see through." You certainly have the right to wear or do anything you want at home with your boyfriend but the public streets are intended for all of us to use, including children. They are not just there for your self gratification.
Answered Aug 04, 2013
Edited Aug 04, 2013
I agree with Rob.

And... I have four words for you. San Francisco. Castro. Halloween. There and then anything goes and you won't look out of place at all.
Answered Aug 04, 2013

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