Could my friend get into trouble from this? serious answers please.

Hi, a friend of mine is not from the united states, but on vacation there. anyways, he was on which is a site for video chatting. he stated that he was speaking to a minor but his camera was dark and the minor was implying that he wants cyber sex. anyways, my friend had no intention of doing that but he just went along with him see what this 15 year old kid wanted to do. the kid mentioned stuff like being horny and erected. my friend ended the conversation immediately when he saw the kid was serious. could he get into any trouble from the law, because he went along with him for a short time? by getting to his IP address or something. please let me know so I can give him some relief lol. he doesn't want to use his computer. and worried sick now.
Anonymous User
Anonymous User
Asked Aug 02, 2013
how would your friend get in trouble. yeah he was speaking to him but he didn't exactly intend to have cyber sex did he? I don't think anyone would really care anyways.
Answered Aug 02, 2013

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