Why do I keep seeing my cat that is not with us

I had a cat witch I had since I was born and I was 12 when she had to be put down she had lung problems and couldn't walk she was 17 is 18 witch is good for a cat and she had to be put down 3 years ago about 4 months after we got another cat with I love

If I'm ever sat in my room or down steers I see her I see her walk though the room or if I'm in my room I see her sat on my bed and its making me so upset and depressed because I hiss her that much

What can I do to help me stop getting so upset
Asked Jul 31, 2013
Hmm, Are you sure your not just seeing things? Some times we think we see people and pets we've loved and lost. we just have to move on, If it keeps happening maybe you should tells someone, your parents or maybe even a doctor- (If your seeing things)
Answered Aug 01, 2013
Thank you well I see her ever were and its started happening about 2 months ago and I'm getting so upset
I told my best friend but I fell as though if I tell my mum and orther people they will think I'm wired and things

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