Why won't my mum let me have my belly pieced

I'm 14 I've been asking for it doing for about 1 year and she keeps saying wait till your older but she will not let me have it done.
How old was everone els when they had there belly done?
Asked Jul 31, 2013
I want mine done as well, but for my 14th in august and my mom still says no
I don't get why she says no though :(
Since you're a minor, you have to wait for your mom's permission... and she's the only one who knows when and if she'll give it to you. The more you nag her, the less likely she is to give in. Being on your best behavior and not nagging your mom about it are about the only things you can do... or wait 'till your 18th bday.
Answered Jul 31, 2013
Ok thanks ;) I just can't stop nagging because I really want it done and my cusian just had it done and she's 15 but my mum said if I was my Aunty she would not have let her have it done,i though you could get it done at 15 with out parents be there?
Well. I wanted mine done. And my mum said to me "They do hurt a lot, and they look quite chavvy." And she said more but I can't remember the rest. I wouldnt do it.
Answered Sep 29, 2013

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