Can someone tell me what these it terms mean in laymens terms

So Im trying to understand these IT terms, but Im wondering if someone can explain each one in easy to understand or "laymens" terms, as if you were explaining them to a non-technical person.

Strong Correlation Engine

Custom Application Poller

Data Path / Route Recorder Technology

Custom Application Monitoring

'Canned' Application testing scripts

IP Traffic Analysis

API Driven Software
Asked Jul 27, 2013
Only one I can help you with is IP Traffic Analysis; every device (iPad, computer, et cetera) when connected to the internet has an IP address; think of it as a footprint. IP Traffic Analysis is when a website tries to understand A) how many people are visiting their website, and B) from what places in the world. An IP address can tell your location.
Answered May 03, 2014

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