What do you think of this kind of villain?

I'm planning a fantasy novel and I was wondering, what you think of this villain:

A powerful entity summoned to protect the country from bad things like hunger, diseases, etc. The entity was just and genuinely wanted to protect it's people. However, the country, under it's protection, went to a war. At first, the spirit thought that it's a one time event and allowed the country to win. But the wars continued and the spirit became curious. It thought that humans like fighting, so it created legions of demons from the ocean to start an endless war. Humans blamed the spirit for it and started hating it, banishing it from the country. The spirit was hurt by it and tried to come back to humans. But they refused to welcome it back and declared it evil. Confused and angered, the spirit decided to destroy humans to pay them back. This idea came from the spirit's idea of justice, where the cost you pay for making the mistake is equal to the damage caused. The spirit was broken by wizards into two halves - one is a dormant beast under water, and second is reborn in a wandering prophet.

So, how is it?
Asked Jul 25, 2013

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