Feet Fetish

iam 17 years old and iam in teenager I love the girls legs and feet and nylon all kinds I feeling I will die if I didnt sniff any girl feet but cant do that in my country I cant hold myself anymore please help...
Asked Jul 25, 2013
just go for it but dont tell any body
Answered Sep 05, 2013
Where are you from? Why can't you do that in your country? Are there cameras in your bedrooms and other private places looking to catch someone smelling girls feet? Is this illegal?

Answered Oct 26, 2013
What country are you from where you cant smell another persons foot? there are always ways around it you can look into maybe purchasing a pair of womens socks or something like that so you do not get in trouble!
Answered Jul 24, 2014
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Answered Jan 17, 2020

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