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My friend is a cassanova. Im not very good with girls. A friend of my crush told me my crush wants to kiss me, that was during the 2nd and last time I saw her(at the cinema) during the movie they went to the bath and then her friend said in a funny way me and my C should kiss. but my C said no, three times... now one of my friends told me he was sorry but my C said she wanted to kiss HIM... some funny things are: my C's best friend said my C didnt like hanging with my friend. the last time we went out my C was most of the time wth my friend... he asked for permision to kiss her... I want to say NO but how? hes my friend... but im not good with girls... I hardly get any and lately he has had tons... please help me I really like this girl!! but I dont know how to make things right!!!
PS: her friend also told me my C has never kissed someone before.....

i told my friend not to kiss my C and he took it very chill... hes a really good friend :) but I wrote my C a text on monday saying: Hey and till now she hasn't anwsered S*... and I can she has connected on her chatting app several times... im following the basic "dont throw yourself at a girl" rule by not writing anything else... ive made my point clear now... she is ignoring me... I realized cause a friend told me she was chattin with my C on the same chatting app...
but there is a party this friday! What should I do? Act cool? Say hello to her friends but not to her? what? im going anyway I know it will be a badass party but im really into this girl...
PLEASE if you can type the exact words to say... just if you can
Asked Jul 23, 2013

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