Am I the right size or fat?

Im 13 year old girl im 5 ft 4 and about 5-6 pounds my bra size is 32aa but some of my friends r 36 and stuff am I fat cos I really feel fat ive been called fat and ugly by my own farther it really makes me feel bad even to the extent ive ran away and ran for miles to loose weight and my butt kinda sticks out is that normal
Am I fat??
Please help don't mock me!
Ps im size 8 in womens uk clothes
Asked Jul 22, 2013
Edited Jul 22, 2013
no girl is fat. im sure your perfect the way you are. I know this probably didnt help at all and im sorry but your father needs to watch what he says. he should love you and say your beautiful no matter what!! im sure your going to find somebody that will make you feel gorgeous no matter what and you wont worry about your weight anymore. until then....keep your head up princess. and in my opinion you seem healthy size
Answered Jul 23, 2013
Edited Jul 23, 2013
It's all about insecurities to yourself. Cheer up girl! You're not fat, every girl is beautiful and sexy. Just be yourself and be confident of what you are.
Answered Jul 23, 2013
Thanks really boosted my confidence!
beth456 Jul 25, 2013

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