Does anyone know how to make Knox Gelatin very clear?

I need it to be very transparent but it keeps ending up cloudy. Does anyone have any advise to fix my problem. I am using regular tap water and dissolving it as it says to. Any ideas? More heat? should I add something? bottled or distilled water maybe?
Asked Jul 20, 2013
The article below about using gelatin to clear beer says that haze forming has to do with the temperature. In the case described below it seems the object is to produce the haze and the colder the more it produces. If your objective is to clear it up, could it be that your formulation is too cold?

I would split up a pack and do an experiment over a range of temperatures and see if that is the cause.

From the article at

"The colder the beer is, the more haze-forming particulate will form. The more haze-forming particulate that forms, the more particulate the gelatin can fine out. I've heard people have used gelatin with some success at cellar temps (50-55F), but I've only had it work well when the beer was at serving temp (32-40F)."

Answered Jul 21, 2013
Thank you!
I will try a variety of temps. I was honestly afraid of burning it or making it stick to the pan. Im working on a project that I need it for and I really want it as clear as I can get it. It will make the presentation much better!! Thank you again!

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