What is my friend bi, straight, or gay? she's a girl

I have a friend were really close and I won't judge her if you tell me she's gay straight or bi but I need to know and she needs to know. See she waches porn *anime* wise its boy on boy or girl on girl never girl and boy. She likes reading manga thats yuri girl on girl sexual stuff and also likes yaoi boy on boy sexual stuff. She reads romance on yaoi yuri and straight couples but with the straight couples it almost always never contains sex if it does it's not that hot to her...so porn not anime porn real porn she watches girl on girl no boy on girl no boy on boy just girl on girl that's it. (she says girl on girls makes her hot but in real porn guy on guys gross and so is girl on boy, thinks guys things are gross looking to in real life) Is she a lesbian or bi or what? cause if she's bie wouldn't she like the look of a guys thing? she likes thier chest just not the lower half. and she thinks girls look good, breast and crotch likes girls butts to. She says she can have sexual thoughts about a boy and girl but not really feel the need to act them out but with girl on girl she actually thinks of doing it? So plz respond I don't know what to think on her?
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Anonymous User
Asked Jul 15, 2013
shes probably bi, but I would have to know her better
Answered Jul 15, 2013
Uh a few qestions
1 Does she cuff her pants
2 Does she like pink-purple-blue or rainbow more
3 Does she purr or growl

Get back to this

Answered Mar 31, 2020

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