Baby after a one night stand

ok soo.. 9 mounts ago I was super high and then I met this cute guy and he offered to smoke me out, so I did. then we ended up doing it, he tried to give me his number but I said no because I was leaving to a different country the next day, but anyways I was super high that I don't remember his name, and now 9 mounts later i'm starting to forget what he looks like. but anyway I had the baby, but idk where to find him, should I go looking for him at the area we met, should I hire a privet detective or something, please help..
Asked Jul 14, 2013
Did you meet him with friends? Do you have any friends in common? Do you know anyone who parties with him?

Unless you have more details, I'm not sure what an investigator can do for you.
Answered Jul 14, 2013

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