Start of last period was 36 days ago :/?

It has been 36 days since the start of my last period and still havent got them yet usually I get mine every 28 to 30 days and my breasts dont hurt one bit and usually from the middle of the month till my period my boobs do be extremely sore and they are not one bit sore this month and I have some cramping. Anyone know why this is ?
Asked Jul 12, 2013
have you had sex recently? that would be a easy answer - you pregnant. but anyway, I have same problems, maybe 3 or 4 times a year, my period is playing with me, sometimes dissapears for 4 months, my doctor said it can be fixed if I would accept taking a medicine, but it's nothing wrong with me, just hard to get pregnant.
Answered Jul 12, 2013
Yes I have had unprotected sex . But it I was pregnant wouldnt I have symptoms like sore breast and spotting ?
cbgt Jul 12, 2013
you should feel it if you are pregnant, but sometimes the symptoms appears later or earlier, the first time I was pregnant at age of 17 I didin't felt anything, any signs. if you are so worried, just go and visit your doctor and headaching about what is it will stop. :)

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