Can someone translate this into Italian (No Google Trnslate) please?

I want to send this to a special girl but since she's Italian descent I thought it be more personal. But still, the last person I asked was SUCH A GENIUS that they decided to use Google Translate because they're either lazy or they were lying about being natural speakers.

Anyways, here it is:

"Sometimes, I find myself unsure of what to say. You're in a class of your own and it makes it so difficult to [perfectly] describe you.

Common adjectives like "beautiful" almost feel like an understatement.
In close proximity, you radiate like a sea of gold or diamonds. From afar, your pulchritude never escapes the mind. I can certainly say so for myself.
And to describe your adorning exquisiteness; To think of you as anything less would be a pitiful fallacy. With the essence of a goddess, an overall angelic grace and an intoxicating smile; you really are an astonishment on two feet; the eighth wonder of the world.
You're altogether as striking as a flash of lightning and majestic as St.Elmo's fire. I guess settling for less is to want another; and no one seems to come even close.
I wish I could say more; ramble on forever and hope that my accolades don't come up redundant or empty.
Even when we're all history, you can rest assure that you'll always have a permanent place in even one hall of fame..."

If someone could translate this, I'd be the happiest guy on Earth, and she'd be the happiest girl. It's a bit sappy, but I just want it translated.
Asked Jul 11, 2013

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