How to get my best friend to kiss me or get her in relationship with me?

she is my very close frnd , I lyk her nd only want to kiss her , v touch each other often usually as a frnd , dnt kno wat she feels abt me , she get me a BF as I asked her to help me to get guy frm her guys group ,mayb to b cool or to hide my feelings , I act I need guys , a luv , selfless luv mayb to make interesting conversation or why dont kno , dats y she just asked if u lyk my frnd cz her frnd do nd I said I vil meet ya .
But the truth is I luv her I wanna kiss her , v even joked abt being married to each other like lesbian marriage nd adopt child , her mom was also making joke to it .
She helped me with my project , I barely did anything in it nd while she were doing I answered yes ur handwriting is very beautiful like YOU nd act shy, just to compliment her indirectly . we fyt a lot for fun , she shouts at me den smiles as im very lazy to study or etc. she thinks im very cute as my xpressions , she laughs at my xpressions nd find it cute, dnt kno y.
i once told her i've got an secret , she forced me to tell her bt I cudnt cz secret is dis only dat I lyk gals ,, bt I told her just to make her feel gud dat I never kissed a guy bt she said u have I guess cz secret is supposed to b dis , I answered- I said it lyk dis only , its not my secret , I cnt tell u my secret , nd acted upset abt never kissed a guy nd want to practice before my real love as want it to b perfect for him not slutty , just incase she offer me help , its called lesbian trick bt she didnt react as xpected , hehe. mayb dats y she offered a BF for , to practice it on him , dnt kno her mind .. lol
mayb she is with me to not get bored as her bro is out off town or mayb for her mom as she also get bored alone at home as she is busy whole day , she thinks abt her mom. she thinks im not mature , mayb I am cz I lyk it myself.
dont kno if she feels in same way , I want to kiss her without any risk in our frndship . she lives upstairs with her family .
plzzzzzzz help me for dis , I need help nd I will appreciate dis till my lyf , just give me a grt advise ... luv u :* thank u for reading :)
Asked Jul 10, 2013
Edited Jul 12, 2013
Just tell her if ur frienddhip means that much she wont care!
Answered Jul 10, 2013
she lives upstairs , what if she tell this to her mom , no one will understand me even my parents
Im in this same situation just get to know her then invite her over for a movie and sit 'RIGHT' next to her.make sure its a happy fun cute sweet movie and afterwards propose to her itll be fine! im moving away from this girl that I dont want to move away from and it sucks youll eventually have to move too. get a relationship with her going fast!!!
Answered Jul 19, 2013

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