Please help !? boy problems !

This guy seems like he likes me.. he said I was his second obsession !!?? he also calls me beautiful alot and he says stuff that seems like he likes me .. but he said he likes this other girl. one time he basically said he kinda liked me but I dont know.. does he like me or what ?
Anonymous User
Anonymous User
Asked Jul 08, 2013
we need more info like what he said and I might be able to find out.
he said im his second obsession and that im beautiful and he said hed kiss me and cuddle with me and cuddle my face off ..
It depends how old both of you are? In my experience, don't fool with a boy like that, you need to straight up tell him, "hey, you choose me, or you loose me! I am nobody's second choice!" That's what I would do! You can not tolerate men treating you like this! Without men's respect, you will grow up not respecting yourself and you should love yourself. Now go give this guy a piece of your mind, because you're soooo much better than somebody's 'second'!
Answered Jul 08, 2013

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