My former girlfriend is sending different signals

In January me and my girlfriend broke up, I was distraught, it was her doing. She lives in Ireland and I live in Scotland, we were coping fine but she finally told me she couldnt do a long distance relationship anymore. She mentioned in January that shewas coming over to Scotland this July and even since we broke up she's still be telling me how she wants to see me again when she comes over (I dont think she was coming over JUST for me, she has family over here as well).....but then we go through long spells when she wont speak to me and seems to avoid the subject of her coming over here, she's so off and on about the subject its unreal. I really dont kniw what to do, Im desperate to see her again but I fear she'l just ignore me when she comes over and do her best to avoid me, she comes over in 3 days anhasnt spoke to me in a month or so, when I text her these days she just ignores me it seems, so I really dont know what to do? :/
Asked Jul 07, 2013
Its just hormoans as soon as she sees u she'll remember stuff and usually start crying
Answered Jul 07, 2013
It sounds like she's having trouble letting go and is still working through the breakup... like she really cared for you, but the distance was too much... like she still misses you.

Since the relationship *won't* work because of the distance, I think it's probably better for you to move on. You aren't obligated to let her work out her issues with/on you. That's painful and confusing... and a little unfair.
Answered Jul 07, 2013
Edited Jul 07, 2013

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