I don't know what I want, am I selfish?

So these days, I don't really know what I want. For the past few years, or at least the last year or so, I've been completely fixated on finding the perfect romance and on finding a guy who will love me and treat me right, like Ryan Gosling in The Notebook.

Seems like I've found the closest guy possible, especially considering I'm only a sixteen-year-old girl. He's seventeen. I find him fairly attractive (well, sorta), but his personality is what truly captivated me. The thing is, less than two days after we met and started talking, I already felt like he was coming on too strong. He kissed me on the first date, but that's not what made me feel somewhat attached. We talked so much it felt like I had known him for a while.

But anyway, two days later (a week ago), a college guy who looks like the typical American frat boy asked for my number and started flirting with me in the beach. He thought I was older, but wasn't disappointed, I don't think, when he found out that I'm only going on 17. He thinks I'm the biggest party girl, so I don't think this one's looking for anything serious, which is actually good for me right now.

Well, a few guys started flirting with me and inboxing me that I'm cute, which I guess was the world's way of testing my ability to be faithful. I would be faithful if I were in a committed relationship, but for heaven's sake, I'm 16 and I don't think I even want one. The 17-year-old, on the other hand, is looking for something serious; I'm looking to be single and have fun right now. So we agreed to stay friends, and see if in the future we could become more.

But my cousin added him on Facebook yesterday and he chatted her up. I wouldn't say he's desperate, but he basically did come on too strong to me and to her, saying maybe she added him for a reason. And he has told me he's looking for something serious with the right girl, and that maybe I will be the right girl. He didn't know we were related when he chatted up my cousin, and she didn't tell him until today, to which he said I shouldn't mind since we agreed to stay friends. My cousin said she wouldn't interfere until I know what I want. I sort of have feelings for the kid, but at the same time, they're not strong enough to overpower my desire to be single. Should I go for him, go for the single life, or let my cousin have him?
Asked Jul 06, 2013
If he likes u he will come back maybe he was flirting with ur cousin to het to u make u feel jel
Lets face ot everyone wants ryan gosling but its a film ur 16 u shouldnt be looking for anything serious but if he does want u he willmcome back!
Answered Jul 06, 2013
We agreed to be friends with benefits and see if in the fall things work out. :)

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