Moving from england to puerto rico, what weather can I expect other than fab sun?

I am moving from England to Puerto Rico in a few years, I have been looking at YouTube videos and things people have written online, I have learnt a lot about the country, however I can not find ANYWHERE what to expect weather wise, I know they have a hurricane season and lots of beautiful sun, but can someone please help tell me more on what to expect in terms of how often it rains and storms ? Thanks
Asked Jul 05, 2013
The hurricane season is August through October otherwise warm year round, occasional rain and a lot of sun.
Answered Jul 05, 2013
This summer has been quite crazy, and I could say that hotter than ever before. Rainy like a storm today, then sunny and super hot the next day. As a general rule, the hotter the summer, our "winter" is going to be colder. Our cold season usually starts from november til february in the best cases. I live in Dorado which is in the north coast and temperatures may vary between the 80's to 60's degrees. During the rest of the year temperatures vary between 70s to the 100s degrees. You cant really notice any seasonal changes but if I was to divide them by the way you feel the temperatures, I'd say from february to april spring weather its still fresh, summer from may to august hot and humidity is around 70 to 80 %, fall from septermber til the beginning of november when temperatures start to lower. Finally christmas thats for us start on thanksgiving day when we decorate the xmas tree til january. From june to november is our hurricane season though august and november are the most active months, so you will see crazy weather as I said before. I hope my post is useful to you. I plan to move to England once Im done with my degree here in a few years and id love to know more about their weather. Wish you the best and hope you like it here.
Answered Jul 22, 2013

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