Im in love with my friend and I think she likes me (we r both girls)

i really love my friend but its only since a few weeks ago and I recently have had suspicions that I think im bi. another friend said to me that thye think she likes me 'in that way'-btw tht friend dosent know I like her. she dosent know that I like her either but here are some things she dose.
*she always touches me
*she always looks into my eyes and I shiver when im around her
*one day we were just walking and talking and she touched my ass
*she always sits far to close to me and if I sit really close to her she dosent move away
*she likes to be around me or next to me-e.g I sit down and she comes and sits right close next to me
*she always laughs way to loud when I say something even f its not funny
she said the other day that her best friend said she thinks I like her and I was like LOL. cuz shes coming to my house for a sleepover (shes never been for a sleepover) and I might hint about and then I think im gonna tell her and ask her somehow if she likes me.i always cant wait to see her and if shes not at school then I was gonna cry the other day when she wasnt and the next day I was so happy to see her and I hugged her and I think she liked it. sorry its really long but do u think she likes me and shud I tell her I like her.:) btw we r both not even proper teenagers so
Asked Jul 02, 2013
Girl , she feels the exact same way! Go on and tell her before it's toi late! And don't hide who you are!
3 words, ASK HER OUT...
Answered Jul 04, 2014
Go For It ..
See If She Feels The Sameee ,..

Answered Jul 02, 2013
thnx analiz ill see how it goes.
btw she says she likes the same guy as me lol but I think she could be bi and I think I am so I hope she is
anyone else got any suggestions?
I root for any kind of relationships. I'm not that kind to judge and so who you are and are not supposed to date. If you truly have feelings for someone then you should be together because everyone deserves a shot at happiness, right? But it may be a problem if you like the same guy. That often turns into a mess in the end when you have the same crush.
But go for it, see how she feels about you. c(;
Answered Jul 03, 2013
i told her I like her and she dosent seem to mind lol we are just like we were b4-pretty much always hanging out @ school and she says weird as stuff tht makes me wonder...
I think the touching ass part was a accident unless she held her hand there for a while or squeezed your ass but other than that she likes you
Answered Oct 15, 2013
can we get an update on what happened? I'm curious to hear if it went the way you wanted it too.
Answered Dec 23, 2013
Tell her! Tell her! I'm having the exact same problem (but I don't know if she likes me that way) right now! If she is a true friend but doesn't really like you that way, she will still be your friend. (:
Answered Dec 28, 2013
To me she probably likes you in the same way. You should go for it because you'll never know if she likes you back unless you figure it out yourself.
Answered Dec 28, 2013
Omg. I'm shaving that same excact problem right now, she even dies all of those things that u said!
Answered Jan 10, 2014
Definitely go for it. If what you said is always happening, then make a move on her XD. GOOD LUCK
Answered Jan 18, 2014
Go for it! Good luck :)
Answered Apr 05, 2014

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