Am I gay bi or straight

I'm a guy and Im 15. I invited my friend for a sleep over. now when we were going to bed he asked me if I was gay. Before I said no he confessed he was. and ya know we were sleeping on the same bed so it was awkward. so He said I shouldnt of asked that now its gonna be awkward in our friendship. so I just said yes so he wouldnt feel bad.then I got to thinking I never acually liked a girl. then about two hours later. I was still contemplating when my friend woke up. he said it was hot and if he could take of his shirt. so I said yes and took off mine too because it realy was hot. then he asked if I ever thought of having a boyfriend. and I said. no it would be awkward. so thats when we decided to date. since neither of his family or friends obviously knew he said we would do it in secret. so I decided this cause maybe I am gay. a few weeks after my birthday which would be 4 and a half weeks later he asked should we kiss. so I said yes I was enjoying dating so far. so then we kissed. it made me happy. so we made out. next thing I know where in my room shirtless. then he pushed me on my bed and unbuttoned my pants. so next thing where both naked making out on a bed. now my dad walks in. now my dad gave me a talk and sent my friend home. he said that it wasnt right that he still loved me but let me make my own desicions. he didnt tell mom and the next time my friend came he asked me what happend and I said its all ok. so we started kissing but it didnt feel right and when he tried taking off my shirt I backed up and said. why dont we hang out a bit like we used to. after he went home I lied down on my bed. thinking am I gay. so then at school. a girl came to me. and asked me out. I didnt know what to say so I said yes. and I kept it hidden from my friend. now I feel as if I love her. and we kissed. so now what do I do now I love both but its awkward between my friend and me so what do I do?
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Asked Jul 02, 2013
it sounds like you where doing some experimenting and u might be bi but its only a decision u can make u need to do what feels right to u
Answered Jul 02, 2013
You're only 15 man, just 15. Its too early for you to put a label on your sexuality. Which kiss was better? Anyway it seems like you're straight but your friend came on to you very strong. You need to pick a side and stick with it. You feel as if you love her? You love both... that is very awkward. Why not put your friend on hold and go out with this girl?
Answered Jul 02, 2013
It's normal for boys to experiment. It's up to you.
Answered Nov 11, 2013
Ok I'm a Counselor (gay I might add) who has worked for 10+ years with all youths from all backgrounds. At 15, and as a male, there's the whole "hormone" thing going on. God how I miss 15! When I was 15 (I'm 43 now) so back when dinosaurs roamed, I knew I liked guys. By 13 I had already had sex with another guy. So I was ok with identifying as being gay. So the point here is "what are you ok with in this situation?" It's perfectly fine to like both. To have "feelings" for your guy friend and your female friend are absolutely normal :) There's nothing wrong with being sexually aroused by either or :) Sex doesn't mean "labels" sex is more about whatever YOU define it as. One week guys may be a turn on, and then suddenly, their not. What's wonderful about sex, is it's fun, it sure feels great and your 15, so enjoy it! I'd personally be flattered that both a guy and a girl found me hot! So bottom line, don't limit yourself by "labeling" you orientation. Your free to just be YOU additionally the older you get, you'll be able to formulate your own ideas more clearly. With your hormones being in overdrive, I've found it's better to just "enjoy" . As you get older your views on life, sex, etc become jaded based on your earlier life experiences. Don't limit yourself to either guys or girls, be free to be you. Also, talk to a trusted friend, and see what they say. I tend to view issues on sexuality very openly and I also tend to not label my life or my experiences as this or that. Fully experience YOUR LIFE as YOU desire. Screw everyone else. You are in control of every aspect of your life, including who you love, who & what turns you on, who you express emotions to, who you have sex with, how to have sex (yes, there's lots of fun different things to do with both your guy friend and female friend) you call the shots! Sex is also more than just the acts themselves, and don't get me wrong, I luv em, but there also about YOU personally. So many teens and even adults are told that what turns them on sexually or even romantically (kissing, holding hands, those cute emails, a nice gesture) a hug, a smile, that these 100% normal (wonderful) feelings are "sick" "perverted" or "sinful" (I won't even go up that road!) when in FACT there not. Americans are to often "prudish" on sexual matters, especially adolescent sex matters. These "prudish" rules only harm. Adolescents are by your vert nature sexual. There's nothing wrong when 2 young people learn to enjoy each other sexually and romantically. Don't turn your guy friend away. He's your friend and he has feelings for you. Both of you should "enjoy" this friendship in all aspects. That he wants to be sexual with you and from what you wrote, you enjoyed being sexual with him, then why give it up? Is it "love"? Maybe. But it's purely sexual for sure, nothing wrong with that :) If you can be honest with him, tell him how you truly feel, about him, about being sexual with him. And likewise, talk to your female friend. Tell her what's going on. If she freaks, which she may or may not, then at least you'll know. Don't label yourself. You are who you choose to be. As for your parents, I know the reaction issue. My father freaked when he walked in on as I was blowing the Quarterback of the football team, and we were both butt naked! Parents react for many different reasons. Again, sex between 2 boys is not discussed AT ALL because it's considered taboo or pervy. Sex between 2 (or more) teen guys is a lot more frequent than they know. Adolescence is a fabulous time for sexual exploration. But, sex in general, is taboo. Especially sex between guys. What happened that night is NORMAL and I hope you had fun. When it's a friend, then yes your friendship changes. Hopefully for good. Don't let what happened ruin your friendship. Remember, he's just as "confused". Have a VERY HONEST BLUNT private discussion with him. He wants you as a BF, how do you feel about that? Adult men (regardless of orientation, perceived or actual) have guy fuck buddies where the only interest is SEX why not explore that option? If men can do it, so can you. But please don't brush your friend aside. He sounds great and to ignore him is well, not right. So good luck :)
Ron Campbell
Answered Jun 26, 2014

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