Interior design job help/education abroad

I need help for interior design job, I'm planning to apply for interior design (art) academy courses in my country.
I want to ask if I'm will be accepted for interior design jobs in the UK if I will graduate academy in my country or I need to study in the UK?
Asked Jun 30, 2013
Hi Lucy, Interior design field is the perfect field of study if you love design and architecture. Interior design study abroad is a great way to further expand your portfolio as well as your proficiency level with different types of design styles.

By applying for overseas education, you might find completing your education in a foreign country to be advantageous. For instance, you have the option to study abroad interior design in Italy for an academic year in the fall, spring, or summer in a program that features rolling starts.

When you study interior design abroad, you may also get internship opportunities to help round out your education. For instance, interior design internships are available in Australia in which students learn how to use designs, codes and cultures that are unique to that part of the world.

You can also consult with the overseas education consultants, they will help guide you in right direction and also help you in registration, visa process and many other things related to study abroad.
Answered Aug 18, 2017
Interior design is a good career option for those who are good at creativity and ideas. It has good scope and opportunities. You may pursue your career as an interior designer or as an interior architect by any reputed university. There are lots of colleges in India and in other countries where you can apply for a course.

After completion of your course, you can also apply for the interior designer post in any organization.
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Answered Feb 12, 2018
Proper plan and designs are essential if you are planning to remodel your home. Without proper planning, the remodelled space can become disastrous at its worst. According to the room space, measurement is taken and with regards to that design and furniture are planned. But without proper knowledge furniture sizes and shapes, space allowance shouldn’t be done. In addition, creativity and imagination also really help. With all these, room space is used to its utmost effect. With the client’s collaborations, client’s personal interest, room’s needs and functions are taken into attention and any difficult spaces are dealt with. And, at the end a house that is beautiful, comfortable and trendy are brought into line with every stuffs in the room elegantly placed.
Answered May 05, 2018
When it comes to your home or commercial space or workplace, Interior design has become much rampant in these days. With Interior designing, it can not only expands functionality but can also transform any space into a cosy abode with enough space for everything. It gives you a stress free atmosphere perfect for living and working. Interior design is more important especially these days since the major focus is to deliver home which is aesthetically appealing and practical at the same time. And an Interior Designer can make a home interior astounding with their creative and professional skills.
Answered May 09, 2018

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