My girlfriend wants to know what I do everyday about everything

i have girlfriend I been with for almost 8 years now we have baby 2 year old now and I do my best to make my girlfriend happy we go out she starts soon as shes in the damn car oh your checkin that girl out oh your looking at her yo everywhere I look there is girls not my fault I cant tell them to go stay home every one has life there own ok so now everytime I use phone I use laptop she puts her face in and watch is me not talking because if I do I will flip so until I close the laptop her eyes and face will be on it I dont know why and its bothering me so fukken much I cant take it anymore what todo please someone help me one choice I have I want to leave if I leave there is baby baby mama dont no what cleanining is I worry about the baby
Asked Jun 29, 2013
Okay first is to calm down toward her. I know what you are talking about because my brother is the same way. You never want to get into a fight with your girlfriend. That's the goal. What you need to do is talk in a calm matter and tell her what is bothering you. If you already make her happy, she will understand. If you get all frustrated with her she will feel bad, and soon you get into a fight and blah blah balh you get the point. Yes, of course everybody wants the best for his/her baby. Say that your worried about the baby if you guys fight or whatever. Hope this helped!
Answered Jun 30, 2013

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