Ip adresses

If I use my desktop computer in Leeds when I send an email it says my IP address in London, Manchester, or Warrington, I do not use a proxy server. How can this be? This information is now being used to claim I was in these locations and I need someone to explain in 'laymans' terms whats actually going on. Can you help?
Asked Jun 28, 2013
Email routing is based entirely on the destination address of the email message. You can send an email from about any location in the world using the same email address. The fact that an email account is registered to you at a particular address in no way says you were located at that physical address at the time an email was sent.

IP addresses aren't connected to physical locations. Internet service providers assign the IP at the time you log on. Most likely the cities are locations where your ISP's servers are located. That doesn't mean that's where you were.

If a specific IP address identifies you, someone should be able to type the IP address into their web browser's address bar and connect to your computer. I suspect it will connect to your service provider, not you. Try it.

Answered Jun 28, 2013
Edited Jun 28, 2013
Thank you very much Rob

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