What steroid and/or testosterone and/or combination is best for a middle aged first time user?

I have worked out and stayed active all my life, but I am now having a hard time maintaining a muscular build and losing fat. My energy is also worsened and my sex drive is almost zero. I am 40 years old and it hit me all of the sudden over the past year. I want a steroid/testosterone/combo option that is ORAL only. I hate shots. I also want something that has little or no side effects. I definitely dont want to lose the hair on my head.
I am frustrated with the COST and the WAIT of seeking options through a doctor. The last doctor's office I called wanted $300 for a consultation and t-test, and approx. 200 a month for testosterone treatments...
Help, please. I dont want to get fat and old.
Asked Jun 26, 2013
All steroids by Steroid Bazaar are suitable for middle age persons. These are made by herbals so if these do not work properly, can not harmful. By taking our products you do not find any bad effect in your body. steroidbazaar.com
Answered Oct 30, 2015

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