Would you ever fall in love with a girl who has been raped in the past?

Would you ever fall in love with a girl who has been raped in the past?
a really shy and humble person.she was 17 years old. she had never had a relationship or sex before the rape. it happened at a party. someone slipped something into her drink. she was raped when she was unconscious and she doesn't remember anything. but still she knows that she has been touched. I know it depends on the girl. but some guys they avoid girls like her because they think that they are damaged. and yes she is really pretty... it's hard to imagine how could something like this happen to a girl so innocent and kind. and please some advice... after that she has changed. she never smiles or looks someone in the eyes. talks rarely, doesn't have any appetite for food.
Asked Jun 26, 2013
Yes, and actually, I have before. Sometimes all they need is someone to be their rock. Who knows, maybe that person can turn her attitude about life around! :)
Answered Aug 09, 2013
Yes sure, I will marry it dosent matter for me,
The matter of concern is how much love she can give to me,
How much good relationship we can create , thats all.
Answered Aug 10, 2013
There may be some guys with such an attitude but that surely doesn't describe everybody. The good news is, the ones that think that way aren't worth her time anyway.

As your question suggests, the most difficult challenge is for the victim of a rape is to keep it from negatively affecting her life. It can change the way she interacts with others and make things even more difficult. The person you describe above should seek counseling to help her work through the fallout from her experience and try to get beyond the tragedy and back as close to normal as possible.
Answered Jun 26, 2013
Edited Jun 26, 2013

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