Can you give me advice?

So I have recently became friendly-ish with a girl in my summer school class. She is gorgeous and I think about kissing her a lot. She went out with my ex-boyfriend a few months ago and I strongly disliked her for a while, as you could imagine. However after getting over the above mentioned boy, coming to terms with my sexuality, and spending some time with her, I've realized that I really like her and I don't know what to do.
How can I let her know I'm interested in her? It seems like it would be really easy to do, but I'm nervous and need someone else's opinion.
I've known her all school year but haven't really talked to her until the last couple weeks, so I can't really ask her to hang out with me or anything without it sounding like a total date or creepy. I have no idea if she's even interested in girls, but she smiles a lot when she talks to me and makes an effort to sit with me (but probably because I'm the only one she knows in the class.)
I really just want to get to know her better and spend time with her, I just don't want to scare her away or say the wrong thing. Any advice?
Asked Jun 21, 2013
I think the first step would be hanging out. Of course I have no experience with Pershing girls, but... Yeah. Can you get her phone number, and possibly contact her more often? Also, I wasn't sure, but does she know you're into girls? I'd love to talk to you about this, so feel free to contact me.
Answered Jul 29, 2013

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