Why dont people communicate anymore?

so now that im finishing up college ive come to have no friends and I spend most my days alone just doing homework and watching movies. whenever I try talking with old friends they will either send a reply and then just stop talking to me or not reply at all. I go out and try to do things like going to the skate parks or yoga classes so that I can meet people, but I only have superficial encounters there to. same with school. it seems impossible to make friends or to even have an actual conversation with someone anymore. mind you this is not something ive always struggled with. I use to have many people that I would hangout with.
Asked Jun 21, 2013
Well these days most people like to communicate using electronic devices. If you really want some degree of communication, you have to look into that. However there may be people who would rather speak with you face to face. It's up to y to find them.
Answered Jul 24, 2013
Using social media requires good skills at typing, often on very small keyboards. I believe that has a lot to do with what you describe. While social media has a lot of advantages, it takes more time to exchange complete ideas using a keyboard than doing it on a telephone.

Try calling some of your old friends on the phone just to catch up on what's going on with them. You may be able to avoid all of the typed one sentence messaging and get them interested in hanging out again.
Answered Jul 24, 2013
People have become really sick these days from world leaders to the common person all a bunch of psychos who believe in things that don't exist. I guess religion plays a large role in all of this since people who believe in god or any other name they give it are not energetic or communicative at all. They like to be by themselves rather than to communicate. Its a big problem getting worse everyday. In previous decades there was less to communicate with yet people somehow communicated more. Face to face communication is the best and nothing beats meeting a free and fun person. But even talking on the phone is a good alternative. You need to find people who aren't messed up or delusional and who want to communicate. You'll need to go out and meet new people. Start conversations with strangers who seem attractive to you. Ask them their name, how they are, introduce yourself to them, and ask for their number or facebook address. That's how you meet people who are interested in hanging out
Answered Jul 24, 2013
I'm not religious and I hate being around people. Your argument is partially invalid.

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