I really like this girl and want to send her a love letter that I have made for her.

I have known this girl for around 3 and half years but have only liked her for around 2 years. She knows that I like her and when I told her that I liked her she did say that there was 'something there'. She is my life and would never let anything happen to her as long I love as I wouldn't be able to forgive myself. she knows that I care about her, will always be there for her, always be protective of her and always make sure that she is OK before I worry about myself. She is the only decision in my life that I know that I got right and will never ever regret falling for her, she means more to me then anything in this world, she is the most beautiful and perfect person that I know and in my life. I don't know how such an amazing person ended up in my life, She has had 2 relationships already. The first relationship she was in when I first got to know her but the person she was with went off an got with another girl whilst with her and the the way it affected her when she found out melted my heart as she was so drowned and felt as if there was no-one that cared about her but I was there throughout the whole ordeal and made sure she was OK. The second relationship she is kind of in now but again the man she is with has cheated on her and when she told me (because I'm the only guy in her life that she can rely on) again my heart broke for her and I was there for her to talk to whenever she nedded. The only problem is is that I love her so much and have written her a letter to tell her how much she means to me and what I would do just to be with her, she knows that I would never cheat on her.

Any Suggestions On What To Do?????
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Asked Jun 18, 2013
Edited Jun 18, 2013
How old are you?
So your the nice kinda guy so am I. She is going to have your shoulder as the one to cry on and if you really love her you would wait until her heart isn't as broken but being there for her will mend that heart faster you can't just give it to her right away wait for her to be ready but you can't be to slow or she will find someone else you have to time it just right.
To the answer of tempestninja123 I am 16 years old and I am going to wait for her to break up with this other guy when she does and then I am going to try and talk to her and then show this letter but thanks for your advice.

I am gratefull for your answers but is there anything else you can suggest???
Azzi33 Jun 18, 2013

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