If you leave two computers next to each other, can they transfer data to each other?

My friend and I had an argument about this. He said if you leave a laptop next to another laptop (or a hard drive next to another hard drive) that they could potentially transfer some data from one to the other even if they are not connected to each other. He said that if they are both on and they are connected to the same wireless connection that it might do it on it's own as well.

I said that is impossible, but I couldn't explain it because I really don't know how data transfer works. I can't prove it. Can someone explain how and why this is impossible so he can shut up about it?
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Asked Jun 17, 2013
You friend is obviously not very techie bright, unless you have those phones you see on tv, you CAN NOT transfer anything without connecting them. You could just use a usb stick to simplify things. Also, there is a wag to access another computer's info and actually use their computer on your screen, but it takes a lot of time to set it up and they both have to be on and connected to the internet. I dont want to get into deets cause its 1:10 and I cant sleep. Tell your friend that you're right and that some random person ob the internet (me) agrees with you. Good night! …unless you're in Australia, then its afternoon. Ughhh goodnight. I'm too smart for my own good... Why am I still writing? Whatever bye
Answered Jun 18, 2013
To a degree, your friend is correct. If you have a wireless Local Area Network (LAN) set up and both computers installed to the same workgroup, you can transfer files using Windows Explorer/My Networks. The network security must be set to share.

Where your friend is incorrect is the idea that it might do it "on it's own." Using "Copy" and "Paste," you would select the files or folders to be copied by right clicking the selected files, then "Copy" then select the destination folder on the other computer and click "Paste."

You can also install a LAN using an Ethernet cable between the two machines.
Answered Jun 18, 2013
Edited Jun 18, 2013

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