So my problem is an one sided love.!?

I have a guy I like...he is 2 years younger than me im 18 and he is 16..
I loved him for 2 years but I could not tell him this...i was afraid...yesterday we went with our families to the forest and he was looking at me..smiling..and when we were eating he was staring all the time...
On our way back home I was in the same car as he...we talked a little...
At a moment he asked me if I was coming to his prom and I said yea because there are some friends and they invited me..and he said ok..but wait a minute I said this thing only to my mom when we were eating how could he hear this...was he leastening to our conversaion?
And here is the problem: could we be together if I toled himthat I like him or he would be afraid of me because im 2 years older than him..?
And how to show him that I like him..
Sometimes we meet at the same club if it is for some help...
Please help me because I dont know what to do...!
Asked Jun 17, 2013
Hi, tricky situation, if you really like him you should tell your best friend so you're not the only person who knows. That will help get rid of the stress. Before you tell him you like him though, you should probably check if he likes someone else first. I.e., send in your best friend (who you told) and get them to ask if he likes anybody. If he doesn't like anyone you might have to get closer to him (tell him some secrets), if he says he likes someone else you should try and find a way to prove to him that you are better than the other girl is. Good luck!
Answered Jun 17, 2013

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