I keep cutting my self and my boyfriend is doing it now.

okay me and my boyfriend have been going out for so weeks now and one day him and my sister where on the phone and he just said out of no where (man i'm about to cut myself) cuz I guess when he and everyone saw I had cuts on my arm he wanted to do it the next do I saw him cutting himself and me and my sister got mad at him and when I asked him why he did it he said cuz you did it if I stop he will but its hard to stop but again I don't want him to do it to what can I do?
Asked Jun 10, 2013
I know it is hard but you can do it if you really love him think of him and how it also hurts him and you / I thought about doing that my self but I thought about my girl friend and I did not want to make her worry so I did not do it just believe you can do any thing
Answered Jun 13, 2013
thanks that was helpful
kearea Jun 13, 2013
Im a cutter too. Explain to him that you dont do it for fun and maybe hell listen to that. It sounds like hes just trying to help you stop.
Answered Jun 12, 2013
kearea Jun 13, 2013
Please whatever you do don't hurt yourself. Hurting yourself won't make anything better. Tell this to your boyfriend.
Answered Oct 13, 2013

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