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So I was engaged. Had a perfect job, but I found out my fiance was lying to me and possibly cheating, def talking to other women (hookers and sluts from the internet). We broke up and now I'm all alone. I decided to quit the job I love because I can't live where I live now alone and with no friends, its a small town and not many prospects of meeting people.

Now my ex fiance and I got back in touch because I am so lonley here until I can move. He is being PERFECT and wants me to get back together and get my job back. I'm worried that once I do he will go back to his old ways.

I'm thinking of moving to another state where I can be with a guy I used to date, but I have no job options there. I love the guy in this state, but I don't know if he is able to have a good solid relationship even though he says he wants to. What do I do? Take my ex back and stay or move on with no job on the hope the guy I love will commit and I will find work when I get there?
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Asked Jun 09, 2013
if he really is changing stay, if not leave, but you obviously still love him if your getting back in touch and thinking of him, it seems to be a bigger risk to move with nothing, because if it fails then what? if your ex loves you and what he did was just a mistake stay with him, test him everyday and have him prove his love
Answered Jun 09, 2013
It has been my experience that when you think you might love two people, you don't really love either one. I wouldn't make any sudden moves until you have no doubt about your guy both in terms of how you feel about him and his loyalty to you. It's better to make no decision than to make the wrong one, especially when you have job security where you are now.

Answered Jun 09, 2013

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