I'm Bleeding And It's Not My Period.

Me and my boyfriend were messing around and iv never had sex.
He wanted to try and I said okay but it hurt to much when he tried so I said no. We tried once more and I still couldnt do it, it hurt like hell.
It was really dry, I wasnt really wet & he wasnt in very long.
It wasnt planned so no condom.

Im on birth control.
I have never spotted before.
But like a few days later I got my period and it went fine about 5 days which is normal for me, but now I have blood like at random times. If I wear clean underwear sometimes it's fine & sometimes when I go to the bathroom theres dryed blood and its gross, it starts smelling like period but im not on it and am definitely not close to having it again.

Im afraid!
He said his job made him take all these blood tests and other tests so theres no way he has anything.
Also im 100% sure he didnt cum, or any chance of "pre-cum"

I'm nervous & scared.
Asked Jun 06, 2013
If it was your first time it's pretty normal to spot. If it does not stop soon you should contact your doctor .
Answered Jun 07, 2013

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