Urgent!- please read and comment! the world will end soon! read!

In 2009 Michael Jackson said that we have 4 years to help the world or the damage we have done will be irreversible! Pick up litter! Do not waste fuels! It has been nearly 4 YEARS SINCE WHICH MEANS WE NEED TO UP OUR GAME!!! Pick up litter and don't drop it and help global warming and peace!!! Help us and the world now!
Asked Jun 06, 2013
Edited Jun 15, 2013
I am so sorry but thats not true. Its a lie. Only God knows when he will take us! Do you know the Lord? He is the creator. In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. It will not be irreversible, though. But we can make a difference! There is God and satan. Satan was an angel Gods angel. God gave satan many great powers. But satan wanted more he thought he could be better than God. But no! So satan became the devil. You have sin and he loves sin! But God does not like it. If you do not understand God and don't get saved you will go to hell with satan. But if you do get saved and baptized then you will go to Heaven. The Holy Place. Look in your library for THE book called the Bible! It will tell you the whole REAL story. And I am not lying. Please choose the right thing. Go to church!
Answered Jun 06, 2013
I am already a faithful christian but the message I meant was we need to heal the world and make it better.
You are very right. Do you go to church? If so what church?!
The catholic church
I agree with this answer
Lana312 Jun 15, 2013
Its really nice that you want to encourage ppl to help our world...I can't. tell for sure about when will the world end, but you know, they say 'its the end of the world' EVERY year. Yet, thanks God, it didn't end...
Answered Jun 07, 2013
Amen gogonan

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