Why Are Boys Getting There Tongue Pierced?!

At my school pretty much all the boys are now getting their tongue pierced.. Why? It's all I want to no?
Asked Jun 05, 2013
You answered my question ill answer urs! They think its cool and that it makes them better than other boys. Just tell them the truth its NOT cool!
Answered Jun 05, 2013
Its just a fad that boys are piercing their tongues or there is an another reason if u dont mind I will tell you afterwards
Answered Jun 05, 2013
Edited Jun 05, 2013
They think its cool
Answered Jun 05, 2013
No idea. Some piercings are fine, like of course, ear lobes, and I maybe, and I'm saying MAYBE might be okay with someone getting a nose or belly button, NEVER eyebrows, and never ever EVER TONGUE!!!! It's so gross! How would u eat?
Answered Jun 06, 2013
they want to look kool, don't know how
Answered Aug 26, 2013

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