Can I sue my old school teachers

Last year I got in a fight with a kid at school. I hid in the toilets and texted mum saying saying if she doesn't come and pick me up then I'm going to run away. So she ring the school asking if I was there and she mentioned that I had texted her. I was in inter school suspension for beating up the kid, and my class teacher asked me to hand her my phone and password for it so she could view the text I sent my mum. I hesitated and I told her not to look At anything but the text. At the end of the day I got my phone back. I traced back what they'd gona through and they'd looked through my texts, Facebook, emails, photos an other social networking accounts I had. That week they called my mum and told her what I had on there. It was really embarrassing coz I had porn on there O.O . I used to also talk to my uncle on Facebook all the time because he was my bet friend (none of our conversations were any flirting or anything sexual, they were just normal convos). The vice principal rung the department of child services and informed them about my uncle. I got so angry that they thought we were anything more than friends, and I didn't attend school for a few weeks. Anyway, I got in trouble for having stuff on there, but they shouldn't of been looking through it in the first place, especially when they said they'd only look at that text. I don't go to that school anymore (I was in primary school then and I'm in high school now). I was just wondering, is it possible that I could sue them for that? How much money would I get if I win the case? What happens if I don't?
Asked Jun 05, 2013
The law and the rules aren't the same everywhere. Some school systems have policies that allow them to inspect anything you bring to school. I'm sure their defense to such a lawsuit would be that you had the choice of not bringing the phone if you didn't want it inspected.

If they made your communications with your uncle public in any way that implied there was something improper going on, you and/or your uncle might have a slander or libel case but you would most likely have to prove that it cost you money in some way. How much you would get would depend on how much it cost you. If you think you have a case, you should see a lawyer.

Answered Jun 05, 2013

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