I had sex unprotected on the day after pill, but he pulled out am I fine?

i had sex unprotected, and I was worried so we went and bought the morning after pill, I took it, and a couple hours later we decided to again because we both though since I just took the morning after pill I would be fine. which i'm 50% sure I am, but he pulled out both times, so can someone tell me i'm okay? because I need to hear it. i've decided not to do anything without protection anymore
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Asked Jun 04, 2013
Edited Jun 04, 2013
You need to get a test anyway, even if only a small amount of semen is inside you, you can still get pregnant (pre-cum as it's known).
Answered Jun 04, 2013
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Answered Aug 04, 2017
I bet shawty aborted it
Answered Aug 24, 2017

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