Why am I struggling having sexual penetration?

My boyfriend and I have had sex about three times already. He has sexually penetrated my vagina, but it takes a while for him to do so and when he is successful, it only lasts less than two minutes. We both believe I (my vagina) am a bit tense when we're trying. I do try to relax and never feel nervous at all. The thing is, every time he fails to penetrate me, we both start to feel like we're striking out. I've liked having sex and I love him dearly, but I don't want this complication to affect our relationship and our future. Please, I need to know why is it becoming hard for us to go through sexual penetration.
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Asked Jun 03, 2013
It's your nerves that are getting the better of you, also if your BF is putting the pressure on you because it takes him so long to get hard then you will feel pressured too. Try to relax and forget about whats happened before.
Answered Jun 04, 2013
Have him use a penis health creme once a day. This will moisturize his penis skin and make it silky smooth, which will cut down on friction and lead to easier entry and better sex. Just make sure he gets one that has Vitamin E and shea butter in it. I use one and it really helps my girlfriend and I... we had similar issues. Hope this helps and good luck.
Answered Jul 24, 2017
Check the given link for the best herbal pills and get rid from sexual penetration.
Answered Jan 17, 2018
Don't rush. Just breathe. Have you seen a doctor? I wonder if that might be part of the problem- make sure you get checked out and get the green light. Once you have that, I would recommend getting yourself a bottle of Man1 Man Oil- google it and check out the list of ingredients. With amino acids and vitamins and L-Carnitine, Alpha-Lipoic Acid, this crème is meant for your penis and will seriously help you fight some nasty stuff.
Answered Jan 14, 2020
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