Is smoking 1-2 cigarettes a day bad for a teen's health?

I am a 17 years old social smoker smoking 1-2 cigarettes a day. Sometimes I don't even smoke for a week and I know I'm not addicted to it. Is it bad for my health? Will it affect me in the future if I keep on smoking like this?
Asked Jun 03, 2013
hun its bad for everyones health
it will affect you in the future stop
Maybe you're different but everybody I've ever known who started out smoking 1-2 cigarettes a day eventually got up to 1-2 packs a day. Not only is it bad for your health, a 2 pack a day habit costs more than the monthly payment on a brand new automobile or the payment on a student loan at a good college.

It's your life but I can't help but wonder why you would want to take the risk that you might be like all of the other people who have become hooked on tobacco?
Answered Jun 03, 2013
Edited Jun 03, 2013
Thanks for the reply. Actually I've been thinking about this and I know I might start getting addicted, but that's when I will do anything to quit. I mean, if I notice that I just need to smoke and it's not my choice anymore, I won't ever smoke again. I just smoke when I'm out with friends, no more than 2 cigarettes... Apart from the possibility of getting addicted, how is this so bad for my health?
Jim322 Jun 03, 2013
You can say that you'll do anything to quit and you won't smoke again if you do start getting addicted now, but you gotta realize that's what everyone says. Everyone thinks they can just stop anytime they want to but it becomes easier just to go with it and they lose the ability to say no.
why smoke? it's a horrible habit, stop as soon as you can! (i'm just advising you)

Answered Jun 03, 2013
Thanks for replying, I smoke probably because almost everyone at my age believes it's cool and I ended up believing it's cool too. I mean if you say you're an anti-smoker around here, everyone will look at you like you're weird. :P
Jim322 Jun 03, 2013
Trust me it's not cool, why not just say that you're an occasional smoker and if anyone asks you if you'd like a cigarette then say that you've just had one :)
you think that smoking is cool and it is for attracking a girl. Your are tenager at the tenager age like to attract girl and thing smoking , drinking alcohol is fashion. and it is norcotics and it is habit forming. boy remove smoking cigrate from your head and think about different like studing, playing. smoking is for if you have cold and smoked in london and in cold areas. and if you to live better if you should remove smoking immediately from head.
Answered Jun 18, 2013
Edited Jun 18, 2013
Yes, after all you're just 17 years old
Answered Jul 01, 2014
Smoking is always bad for the health, it doesnt matter you smoke 1-2 cigarette or 1-2 pack of cigarette. Read this article on Smoking.
Answered Jul 02, 2014
I should say that smoking is always bad for health , it doesnt matter you smoke 2_4 cigarette or 1_2 pack of cigarette .
Answered Jul 25, 2014

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